"A parent can give a child no better gift than beautiful manners."

VIP Protocol’s Etiquette Express monthly class is back! 


Back by popular demand VIP Proctocol's Express Etiquette Class is a 3-hour condensed version of the VIP Protocol’s Finishing School for Children. This class will cover the basics of social and dining etiquette.

This interactive class will give your children the foundational tools and manners they need to navigate almost any social situation. Your children's confidence will soar, and they will be admired for their refined behaviour.

Topics Covered:

Basic Social Etiquette

  • First impressions

  • Posture

  • Eye contact

  • Greetings and handshaking

  • Addressing adults

  • Cell phone etiquette

  • Etiquette in public places & more

Introduction Dining Etiquette

  • Posture at the table

  • Modern table manners

  • Table setting

  • Napkin etiquette

  • Proper use of cutlery and glassware

  • Leaving and returning to the table

  • Being a guest at someone’s home & more

Class sessions run every second Sunday of the Month, from 1-4pm at the VIP Protocol Studio located in downtown Edmonton
The June class is full, we are currently taking bookings for:
July 10, 2022
August 14, 2022
September 11, 2022






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