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Let’s Do Lunch

Entertaining a client or special guest at a restaurant and haven’t taken VIP Protocol’s Dining With Distinction course yet? Here are ten tips to get you through your upcoming client lunch until your course starts.

1. Choose a restaurant that you are familiar with. 2. Make reservations using your first and last name. 2. Your guest follows the maître d’ to the table. 3. You follow your guest. 4. Place your napkin on your lap before your guest. 5. Offer a beverage. 6. Thank your guest for coming. 7. Give guidance on what to order. 8. Begin the meal. 9. Provide dining silent signals that the meal is over by placing your utensils at 4:00. 10. Pick up the tab.

Still not sure? Invest in a dining etiquette course—there is so much more to know!

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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