Schmoozing and Small Talk

Small talk breaks the ice and establishes a connection. It is a good way to determine what is a common topic between two people. And it doesn’t require original or profound conversation.

1. Be well-informed, read the newspaper; know what is happening

2. Focus on the other person and less on yourself

3. Do not interrupt – think before you speak


5. Strive to make the other person relaxed, this will help your nervousness.

6. Always close a conversation before walking away from the other person.

Avoid these subjects with others you do not know very well:

7. Your health or diet habit; how much things cost.

8. Personal questions such as, "How much money do you make?"

9. Mean gossip; off color jokes; political comments; religious references

10. Controversial issues when you do not know others in the group

Practice these tips to improve your small talk ability.

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