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Business and Social
Etiquette and Customer Service Training Consultant

VIP Protocol offers customized business and social etiquette training and customer service consulting. We are one of the best etiquette and customer service consultants in Canada.

VIP Protocol provides business etiquette training of the highest quality to corporations, businesses, front-line representatives, managers, entrepreneurs, new employees, children, teens, and individuals seeking to enhance their professional and social image.

Do you and your employees project your company's brand? We can help!

Jeannie Vaage, Principal

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Featured Services

Specializing in customer service training and telephone and communications  skills.

Children & Teen Etiquette

The Etiquette for Children & Teens program is designed to give your children the poise and self-confidence to enable them to be at ease with adults, their peers and most importantly themselves.

Staff Training

Goes with a range of restaurant staff, office staff, medical clinic staff, customer service staff, hotels staff, school staff.

Parenting Coaching

Being a Certified Educational Parenting Coach, unlock your child's full potential with our expert Educational Parenting Coaching. Empower yourself with personalized strategies and insights to support your child's learning journey.

The Polished Pup: Etiquette IQ

Do you know your manners?

Take our Polished Pup Etiquette IQ quiz!

In the video below, watch as Hugh attends a reception at a CEO's home and in the first 5 minutes makes 25 Etiquette mistakes. Can you identify them?

Our Past and Current Clients

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