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The Polished Professional


Throughout the seminar, Jeannie provided the audience with tools and insights to help them effectively make small talk while participating in professional networking events as well as how to nail their next job interview with ease and confidence using the power of small talk.  

- Elena Chernaeva, 

Project Coordinator, ERIEC

In order to be successful in today's competitive business world, one needs to project a polished, confident and professional image.   

In a relaxed atmosphere, learn how to navigate client lunches and dinners, nail the networking event, master the art of small talk and stand out with confidence in all business and social settings. 

Our business etiquette training is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and is designed to have an immediate impact.  The Polished Professional is perfect for lawyers, accountants, realtors, engineers, and people in business in every line of work.​

  • Fail-proof formulas for the networking event​

  • Nailing the networking event

  • Making an entrance and working the room

  • Dining with Distinction

  • The client lunch, dinner and entertaining

  • Being a great host and guest

  • Presentation and speech preparation

  • Public speaking coaching 

  • Basic international cultural etiquette

The Polished Professional optional topics:
  • First impressions count

  • Business dress codes

  • Handshaking: the ultimate greeting

  • Introductions: formal and informal

  • Speaking clearly and with great diction

  • Telephone and voicemail tips

  • Electronic communication etiquette

  • The art of the business card exchange

  • Essential Business meeting protocols

  • Conversation skills and 'small talk'

The Polished Professional Program is available for individual executive coaching, full or half-day corporate seminars. 

Combine elements of The Polished Professional with Women in Leadership, Office Bootcamp, and Outstanding Customer Service in VIP Protocol's newly developed Signature Program: Creating a Gracious Service Culture

VIP Protocol's signature program 'The Polished Professional' is designed to help organizations and individuals gain the competitive advantage in the business arena. 

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible. 

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