Etiquette for Children and Teens

Teaching manners to your children will instill confidence and build self-esteem that will ensure their success in every setting, now and in the future.
This fun-filled interactive program is based on every day and those "special" day scenarios your child will find themselves in. 


From conducting themselves in a restaurant, being a guest in someone’s home, navigating the dining table, and conversing with adults, each child is provided with the tools to give them the knowledge to build their confidence and self-esteem in social situations. Our children and teens etiquette sessions involve working with both children and parents to help instill good manners and habits that will ensure your child's success.

Etiquette for Children and Teens optional topics:

  • Greetings & eye contact

  • Creating exceptional first impressions

  • Showing respect in the home
  • The importance of family chores
  • Introducing oneself and others
  • Addressing and respecting adults
  • Vocabulary: What not to say
  • ABC's of table manners and dining

  • Restaurant dining manners

  • ​Do's and don'ts of proper dining etiquette

  • Being a good host and gracious guest
  • Showing respect to friends

  • Showing appreciation - thank you notes etc.

  • Basic grooming

  • Etiquette in public places

  • Cell phone etiquette

  • Social Media etiquette and Safety

  • Speaking and presentation skills 

The Etiquette for Children & Teens program is designed to give your children the poise and self-confidence to enable them to be at ease with adults, their peers and most importantly themselves.

"Ever since taking VIP Protocol's "Etiquette for Teens", other parents are always commenting on my teenagers' poise and politeness. I am so grateful to Jeannie for coaching them and giving them confidence in new situations."

- Carol Desrochers


We also offer The VIP Protocol Private Finishing School Course For Girls and Boys. It is a one-on-one or small group course designed to give young ladies and gentlemen guidelines on how to handle themselves in any social occasion. The Private Finishing School Course includes all the topics listed above.

Looking for individual attention?

Private etiquette sessions are available for individuals or family groupings.

Small Groups (up to 10 people)

Gather a group of your friends' children or teens to learn how to handle themselves where social etiquette is key.

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax-deductible.