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Dining with Distinction

Dining with Distinction

Dining with Distinction
Dining with Distinction
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We all had a fantastic time and I have received many compliments from all my staff in regards to your teaching style, and what a positive experience the night was for them.

- Allan Bell, Tolko Industries

VIP Protocol will guide you through the arts of hosting, toasting, great dinner conversation, and yes, even which fork to use. Dining etiquette is about putting everyone at ease, and knowing the tricks and tips on how to do so.

Dining with Distinction optional topics:
  • Table etiquette  taking a date out for dinner

    • ​Place settings--the silverware and glassware ​

    • Is this my bread plate or yours?

    • Table manners​ and napkin etiquette

    • Ordering wine and wine tasting

    • ​Toasting - when and how

    • ​Dining conversation, business discussion

    • Eating tricky foods

  • Restaurant dining  protocols

  • Formal dining and casual dining a date

  • Banquets and buffets

  • ​Wedding receptions​ 

  • Corporate dining

  • Client lunch, cocktail receptions, ​holiday parties

  • Hosting-business and social

    • ​Extending the invitation

    • Setting up the occasion

    • Guest and host duties

    • Protocols for seating your guests

    • ​Who pays? Handling the bill

    • Tipping etiquette

  • International dining

    • American and Continental styles of dining

    • International cultural expectations​ 

Whether you are dining in a restaurant, at a banquet, or you are hosting guests in your home, VIP Protocol's signature program Dining with Distinction will give you all the skills you need. We will give you the tool kit to ensure your dining partners are as relaxed and enjoying themselves as much as you are, from the hors d'oevres to the dessert.

Corporate Group

This workshop is designed for companies and businesses that would like their professional employees to develop competence and confidence in knowing the essentials of hosting, wining and dining in the business arena.

Small Groups (up to 10 people)

Gather a group of colleagues, friends or family members who may be preparing for a wedding, a graduation or just want to learn ‘which fork to use’.  Invite VIP Protocol to your next dinner party for an unforgettable and fun evening. 

Looking for individual attention?

Perfect for couples or individual coaching, this one-on-one tutorial takes place in a restaurant type setting, and will cover the important Dining with Distinction etiquette for any business, banquet, small party or one-on-one dining situation. 

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible. 

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