"Office Etiquette"
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Women in Business and Leadership

The VIP Protocol Business Etiquette crash course really taught me how to build trust quickly, and gain my clients' confidence. I would recommend VIP Protocol for anyone who needs to build long-term relationships with their clients.

- Susan Creelman, Director, Royal Music Academy

Power and Influence at Work

VIP Protocol is dedicated to developing powerful and successful women in the professional world. Learn how to manage a boardroom, introduce yourself with confidence, enter and exit a room with command and finesse, and use powerful and subtle body language to influence and persuade as a business woman.

From the perfect handshake, navigating client lunches and international cultural must-knows, you, as a woman of influence, will stand out in the business world and always know how to handle yourself, and others in all situations.


Women in Business and Leadership optional topics:
  • Business do's and don'ts

  • Your 9-5 and 5-9 brand

  • "Big girl" clothes and the business woman

  • Introductions and handshaking

  • The art of the business card exchange

  • What your voice and speech says about you

  • Professional workplace gestures to avoid

  • Being the only woman in the boardroom

  • Small talk and networking

  • Making an entrance and working the room

  • Business meeting protocols-who sits where, who sits first etc.

  • Entering and exiting the meeting room with power and finesse

  • Working through imposter syndrome

  • Power women and effective leaders

  • Preparing and delivering presentations to small and large groups

  • 'Old school' versus 'new school'

  • Gracious way to deal with sexist comments and behaviours

  • Dealing with patronizing and undermining remarks


VIP Protocol's signature program Women in Business and Leadership is available for executive briefings, full or half-day seminars and in one-to-one settings.

Combine elements of Women in Business and Leadership with The Polished Professional, Office Bootcamp, and Outstanding Customer Service in VIP Protocol's newly developed Signature Program: Creating a Gracious Service Culture.

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible.