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Who We Are

Jeannie Vaage, Principal

​Jeannie Vaage is a certified corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant. She is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington, the only nationally accredited business etiquette, image and international protocol school in North America and has studied with Disney Institute for Business Excellence and Customer Service. Ms. Vaage's training is recognized by Fortune 500 corporations, governments, academia and private consultants around the world. 


She began her work in the field of etiquette over twenty years ago by designing and giving social etiquette courses for young professionals. From corporate and business etiquette, to customer service, to dating tips, Jeannie brings humor, passion and finesse to the world of etiquette. Her real interest lies in adapting traditional etiquette expectations to this fast-paced modern world. She believes you can build relationships by demonstrating the subtle behaviours of good etiquette. 


A trained educator, Jeannie has taught for over 25 years, including at an International Baccalaureate school and a private school in British Columbia. She received her International Baccalaureate training in Houston and Atlanta. Jeannie has been a freelance writer for the Vancouver Sun on the subject of social etiquette. Some of her accomplishments include event managing for former Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Don Mazankowski, opening the Four Seasons Hotel in Edmonton, and leading seminars at the University of Alberta and NorQuest college on business etiquette. Jeannie also holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Alberta, an Associate Degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and in her earlier years danced with the Alberta Ballet. She is also a member of the Association of International Image Consultants.

Janet Wilson, Associate


Janet Wilson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design, a Bachelor of Education degree, and years of experience as a teacher, small business owner, and currently sits as the Executive Director of a local charity. Janet is an experienced public speaker and has led personal image seminars and group shopping trips to San Francisco and New York. Her experience as a teacher and communicator helps her to understand and relate well to those she works with, leading them toward gaining confidence and poise in all they do. 


Her strengths in communication, relationship-building, and time management, make Janet a perfect fit for a people-based business in which she can help clients to be their best and find their ideal balance. Her attention to detail, her reliability, as well as her genuine care and concern for people communicate the value that she will offer to every one she works with. 

Lesley Vaage, Associate


Lesley holds her Masters of Arts in Canadian Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Her background includes working with women aspiring to make their mark as future women leaders both in the business and political arenas.


Over a decade of experience, Lesly is an expert in brand positioning and building strong customer experiences. Lesley's passion is developing strong and healthy business-to-business marketing strategies, helping organizations set themselves apart from their competition and creating inclusive workplaces.

Melissa Barkman, Associate


Melissa thrives in a creative administrative environment. Drawing from her experience as the Executive Assistant at The Westin Edmonton hotel, and head of management at a large accounting firm, Melissa brings to VIP Protocol a great wealth of knowledge of modern office culture. 

A formatting and design guru, with her keen eye, she is always excited to tackle any project no matter the size or subject. 

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