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Medical and Dental Office Etiquette


Jeannie’s attention to detail has helped our staff realize that everything they do and say has a direct effect on our patients' experiences at our centre.  Her relaxed, humorous, and interactive style left our staff always wanting more.  

                                   -Dr. Thomas & Melanie Nakatsui

                                      Nakatsui DermaSurgery Centre


Training your medical office staff to employ exceptional professional behaviours and proper rules of business etiquette to project your philosophy demonstrates you value both your employees and your clients.

Improve your client retention by creating an experience your patients and clients will want to return and speak about in a glowing manner. Your patients will come to know your medical office as a place of graciousness and caring. ​


Medical Office Etiquette training options:
  • The importance of a uniformed dress code

  • Addressing patient hypersensitivity 

  • First-class telephone etiquette Botox clinic

  • Perfect telephone scripts

  • Taking and making appointments

  • Voice mail recordings

  • Developing a confident and reassuring tone of voice

  • Speed of speech

  • Vocabulary that exudes graciousness

  • Meeting and greeting patients and clients

  • Gestures to avoid

This entertaining and interactive workshop will give your staff the skills they need to think on their feet and extend your brand to create a compassionate, outstanding patient experience. 

Available for staff briefings, full or half-day workshops.

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible. 


  • Escorting patients to the exam room

  • 'First Class' exam room protocol

  • Addressing breeches in professional protocol

  • Staff relations

  • Handling the difficult client

  • Scripts on how to say "everything" nicely

  • Outstanding 'customer' service

  • Patient service reconnaissance findings

  • Remedial seminars

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