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Individual Coaching

Double Quote

I was privileged to attend the VIP Protocol Dining Course. It was excellent – jam packed with great ideas to make you feel comfortable in any dining situation. Ms. Vaage’s relaxed and humorous presentation style made the evening fun for everyone. Her interactive teaching method made the lessons memorable. I highly recommend this course! (And bring a friend!) 


- Stephen Steckly, President and CEO Basecamp4

Individual Coaching

To be successful in your career today, you need to project a polished and professional impression. Your etiquette intelligence has a direct impact on your success. VIP Protocol business and social etiquette services are designed to help you gain the competitive advantage. We work with you to build your confidence and ability to handle any professional or personal social situations.  

VIP Protocol offers five signature programs:

Let us customize a combination of our signature programs to suit your career and social aspirations.


Private Session training topics can include:
  • Networking and small talk

  • Shaking hands and introductions

  • Business image

  • How to address peers, employers and clients

  • Giving presentations and speeches

  • Principles of professionalism

  • International protocol

  • Customizable topics to your business needs

  • Dining with Distinction

  • Modern Social Etiquette

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible. 

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