Hospitality Customer Service Training

Restaurant Employee Training

The restaurant experience is more than food quality and décor. No matter how renowned your chef may be, your front-end staff can make or break a dining experience.  

Based on the Disney Institute Business Excellence Program, VIP Protocol is serving up a workshop designed to train your staff on how to provide a 5-star experience for your guests every time they enter your restaurant.  

Restaurant Employee training options:

  • Customer service reconnaissance findings

  • Restaurant image and branding

  • Creating loyal staff and repeat customers

  • Customer service etiquette

  • Helping a guest with their coat

  • How to address guests

  • Hostess and host duties

  • Ten must-do's for superior service

  • Effectively romancing the menu

  • The secret to creating repeat customers

  • Handling the difficult customer

  • Spotting the complaint

  • Old school tricks  diner experience

  • How to make hostile guests love you

  • Teaching an experienced server new skills

  • Restroom image

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible.