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Customer Service Reconnaissance

The advice Jeannie brought to my boutique retail business was invaluable. Her attention to my customers’ in-store experience opened my eyes to many more possibilities I had never considered. 

                                                 -Elle Boutique

Customer Service Reconnaissance​


The VIP Protocol Customer Service Reconnaissance Program allows you to keep an eye on your aspects of your business and establishment through strategically timed secret-shopping style visits.


Our secret shopper will gather data based on criteria you provide and prepare a report on the experience we had. We will offer practical strategies to help you to make improvements so your customers have the best experience possible and become repeat customers.

Reconnaissance Evaluation options:
  • First impressions 

  • Your employees representation of your brand

  • Telephone professionalism

  • Welcome and farewell

  • Venue image consulting

  • Staff helpfulness  hospitality staff training

  • How I felt as a customer

  • Rest room presentation  washroom

  • Fitting room environment

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible. 

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