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Nailing the Networking Event

Image by MD Duran
Networking Event

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible. 

Double Quote

Ms Vaage’s presentation was both inspirational and energizing. Throughout the seminar she provided the audience with tools and insights to help them effectively make small talk while participating in professional networking events as well as how to nail their next job interview with ease and confidence using the power of small talk. I highly recommend Jeannie Vaage from VIP Protocol as an expert in Canadian Business Etiquette and a facilitator who is able to electrify the audience with valuable input.

-Elena Chemaeva, ERiECC

From the day before, the day of, and the day after there are certain guidelines to follow to make your next networking experience a true success.  Learn how to present your business card, find a ‘connector’, make small talk and enter and leave every networking occasion with confidence.

Nailing the Networking Event includes:
  • Ten things to do before the event

  • Know before you go

  • Finding and reaching a ‘connector’

  • Preparing your business card exchange

  • Dress for success-what to leave at home

  • Eating and drinking is not the objective

  • Your handshake

  • Introducing yourself and your company

  • Great conversation starters

  • Great conversation exits!

  • Important name tag protocols

  • The trouble with bringing a friend

  • Business, social in intimate eye contact

  • Small talk tips-subjects to avoid

  •  ‘Owning’ the event

VIP Protocol's signature program 'Nailing the Networking Event’ is designed to help individuals gain the confidence to navigate through any networking event from business to pleasure.

Our business etiquette training is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and is designed to have an immediate impact.  


The Nailing the Networking Event is available for individual executive briefings, full or half-day corporate seminars

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