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Dating Etiquette

Jeannie is extremely passionate about teaching etiquette and cares about her clients and success. If you're looking for an 'edutainer', Jeannie is the perfect fit for you.

 - Pamela Eyring, Director
Washington School of Protocol

Etiquette...what's love got to do with it? EVERYTHING!!!


You may be a pro at ordering your morning coffee, but do you know how to impress a date at an upscale restaurant or the local pub? Or what gifts are appropriate to give, and when? 


Many people go through years of dating never knowing that the first impression they are making is preventing them from further encounters.


VIP Protocol offers customized crash courses in learning everything you need to know to be, and have, on that perfect date. 

Dating Etiquette optional topics:
  • Dating tips

  • What not to do on a date

  • What you MUST do on a date

  • Easy conversation-topics to avoid

  • Internet dating etiquette 

  • Keeping your cool on a date

  • Old school vs. new school dating

  • Who pays on the first date

  • What scares your date away!

  • Modern dining etiquette

How many times have you met that very interesting person, perhaps even got close enough for a conversation or even a first date…never to see them again.  You ask yourself, “What happened?"  You convince yourself, “It’s obviously the other person, or he/she wasn't for me anyway, etc."  But really you don’t have a clue what went wrong.            


It’s time to get out of the "unnoticed crowd" and get into the "unforgettable crowd"!

We will come to you.

Etiquette workshops can be held at your home or at a site chosen by you.

Group Settings

Gather a group of colleagues, friends or a family members for an entertaining and interactive evening of etiquette.

Looking for individual attention?

Let us customize private etiquette sessions available.

All VIP Protocol corporate workshops and services are 100% tax deductible. 

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