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12 Dining Event Tips for Men

Before I start with some of the obvious rules of the dining event, there is one rule that is obvious only when you hear it. “Eat before you go.”


You are not being invited out to an event because the host is concerned that you are not being fed enough; you are being invited because you are expected to add value to the evening. If you are busy wolfing down your food, unfortunately, the makers get left off the table.

Here are 12 basic dining rules for you to ensure you are at your absolute best at your next dining event.

  1. Cell phone: Turn it off or on silent and keep it off the table.

  2. Elbows off the table. At a business lunch, you may get more comfortable only when there is no food on the table.

  3. Do not start eating before the host starts or when at a buffet when half of the table arrives back at the tale with their food.

  4. Be sure to take small bites so you can chew with your mouth closed, swallow then talk.

  5. Slow down! Eating too fast will not allow for good conversation. To make things easier, simply match the pace of your dining companions. (Don't arrive too hungry.)

  6. If the dinner is family style, offer the last portion of food to everyone else. No matter how hungry you are. (Eat before you go!)

  7. This is not a frat night. Watch your alcohol intake!

  8. Keep your fork to yourself! If you want a taste of someone’s else’s order, let them place it on your plate.

  9. In a social dining setting, always hold the chair for your date or the lady beside you before sitting down yourself.

  10. Use your napkin often. If you have a moustache or beard, know that the nest of hair you are so proud of will definitely catch crumbs and other things also avoid French Onion soup!

  11. Bring conversation value to the dinner. Prepare questions and conversation topics ahead of time. Avoid those awkward stories that will make those around you uncomfortable.

  12. Don't forget to bring your please and thank-you’s.

If you want to feel more comfortable networking and socializing at your next lunch or dinner event and not worry about whether your etiquette is as it should be, VIP Protocol today about the VIP Signature Program Dining with Distinction. Show off your best side.

Good luck on your next dining outing. Bon appetite!

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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