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11 Reasons Why a Wedding Website is Well Worth It

A wedding website is a fantastic tool to provide details regarding your pre-wedding and wedding day information to all your friends and guests. Here are 11 ideas for you to get started on your wedding website. Good luck!

1. The location and time of both the ceremony and reception

This is exceptionally useful for those guests who misplace their invitation. Be sure to have this information posted at the very beginning of your site.

2. A schedule of pre-wedding events

Be sure to include any information regarding any bridal showers, bachelor parties, co-ed get-togethers, etc.

3. The formality of the ceremony and the reception

Provide all pertinent information regarding any religious guidelines your guests may need to know. If your ceremony is taking place in a church, temple or synagogue there are often traditional dress restrictions that must be observed. Relaying this information to your guests in advance will eliminate a possible embarrassment for you and/or your guest and will be a great way to avoid those last minute questions.

4. Details regarding your gift registry

Provide a link to the registry site for easy shopping, and that way keep all registry and store information in one place. This will eliminate those last minute inquiries and calls from those distant relatives that are inquiring about your registry. It also makes on line shopping and delivery of the gifts easy for your guests and relative.

5. Information on local accommodation for your out-of-town guests

For those guests that are not familiar with your city or town, providing a link to the closest hotel or the hotel that most guests are staying helps your guests rest easy about where they could stay when coming to your big event. You may even include some tourist activates your guests may be interested in and/or a link to your city’s tourism information page.

6. Wedding theme information

If you are having a theme wedding, this is a great way to share some of the information you want your guests to have in plenty of time before your wedding so that they can be as comfortable as possible on your big day! 7. Provide an optional on-line RSVP feature

For those guests that are tech savvy, they will truly appreciate the convenience of this feature. Be sure to indicate that the guests have a choice of sending their RSVP through the mail or through your website. I f you are having a very traditional wedding, you may not want to add an online RSVP to your website.

8. Details regarding special transportation

Often a coach bus is provided to get the guests from one location to another (for example: the ceremony to the reception). This is information that should definitely be put on your website to avoid confusion for your guests on the day of your event. Also, if there are some mobility difficulties, your guests will have ample time to get in touch with you. If you are providing taxi chits to your guests, be sure to post that on your site as well.

9. Guest dietary restrictions

Food allergies often create a feeling of anxiousness for some. Adding a place on the website where guests can indicate these dietary restrictions gives your guests a peace of mind and show that you’re think of them.

10. Post wedding events

Planning an open-house or a gift opening the next day? Let your guests know that the party is continuing on! Include information regarding the place, the time it starts and ends, and whether there will be food served.

11. Destination wedding information

There is no reason for every guest to do all the work themselves. Posting details regarding travel, hotels, locale and tourist activities allow your guests to go to your destination wedding and have a great holiday as well as joining you on your beautiful wedding day.

Be sensitive to the content in your website. If you want to include a story of how you became engaged, or where you met, keep it simple. Do not inundate your website visitors with gushy stories or photos that should be kept private or may offend some of your older guests. A short video inviting your guests to your big day is always fun to see. Feel free to add a little wedding quiz or even a funny joke or two. And of course watch your spelling!

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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