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Why a Gift Registry is Important

“Just give money” does not resonate with everyone. It is not up to the wedding couple to dictate what their guests should give them as a gift. Many people look at a cash gift as an exchange for the evening’s dinner and festivities. For some, this is far from the concept of a traditional wedding gift.

You are inviting your friends and family to celebrate your wedding with you and no one should not expect a tit for tat exchange using a wedding gift as collateral. There are many wedding and shower guests that love to shop for the happy couple. They feel more connected to the nuptial event and usually pride themselves on getting that perfect and memorable keepsake for the newlyweds.

A gift registry enables this type of guest to choose a gift based on your taste, that your guests can see and imagine in your home.

Here are tips regarding your gift registry:

1. Do not include gift registry information on your invitations.

Your wedding invitations are a way to let your guests know that you want them to be part of your big day, and of course the pertinent information about regarding the day’s events.

2. Get the word out by word of mouth.

This is a more traditional way to give your guests gift registry information.

3. Post the information on your wedding website.

You can provide a link to the registry site for easy shopping, and that way keep all registry and store information in one place.

4. Register at a store or stores that provided delivery.

This is a great convenience for your guests as they can have your gift delivered right to your home and they do not have to worry about transporting it to the wedding.

5. If you do not register, you will receive thing you do not want.

Many gifts cannot be returned for face value. Using a gift registry can take care of that problem because there will be a record of the purchase and you will be able to exchange the gift if you wish.

6. Register your wish list at a couple of places.

This gives your guests a choice of where to shop. If there are certain brands, or specific items you are interested in be sure to have that noted in your registry.

7. Include gifts at a variety of price points.

You don’t want your guests to feel that you are expecting them to purchase an expensive item because that is all you have chosen.

8. If you receive two items the same, do not let your guests know.

When you write your thank you notes simply refer to the beautiful item they gave you and discreetly go back to the store to exchange the duplicate.

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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