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Winter is the Season of Shovelry - Top Winter Etiquette Tips

When you’re in the deep freeze or up to your neck in snow, etiquette isn’t always the top-of-mind priority. But it turns out there are many different opportunities in which that we can display great winter etiquette! Here are a list of my favourite winter etiquette tips.

1. First, there is 'snow blowing etiquette'.  A snow angel would never think of blowing snow onto someone’s drive way or parked car.

2. Shovel your neighbour’s walk. How often do you shovel your neighbours driveway or sidewalk? This simple act will likely be repaid in the long-run.

3.You know northern people, we love our toques (that's the Canadian name for 'beanie'). So when inside, we must also remember to remove a toque when we introduce ourselves. ‘

4. Leave your gloves on in the cold weather. We are always grateful to see someone else on a cold winter’s day, so a handshake is never questioned.  If it is very cold, you may leave your gloves on (except in Russia, where you would never shake hands with gloves on.)

5. As a guest, be wary of bringing in slush.  Winter footwear protocol suggests that when your socks are wet, you should always know to ask for slippers so as not to get their carpet wet.

6. Remember our four-legged friends.  A thoughtful snow angel does not use pet-unfriendly de-icing salt on their sidewalk.

7. Do unto others’ on the ski hill. On the ski hill while waiting for the chair, try to go out of your way to avoid stepping on someone’s skies. And a polite winter athlete always knows to invite another skier onto their chair instead of going alone.      

8. The ultimate winter etiquette moment occurs during car trouble. Whether someone needs a push, boost or ride, a snow angel is always appreciated.

So you see, even in -20 degree weather, etiquette is always at work because as we here at VIP Protocol like to say: "Etiquette makes you look good and everyone else feel good – and warm!"

This post is an excerpt of a recent presentation given by Jeannie at the Winter Cities Conference in Edmonton (pictured above).

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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