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10 Tips for Not Getting Tipsy at the Office Party

It’s Christmas!!! Sometimes those are the last words one remembers the day after the company holiday party, in a fog of regret. If you do not want to fall into that trap, here are 10 tips that might get you through to the party without embarrassing yourself.

  1. Eat before you go. An empty stomach is the first ingredient for that slippery slope.

  2. Do not drink before you go. Liquid courage often turns into liquid disaster.

  3. At the party, dilute your wine or high balls with soda or ice. No doubles!

  4. Alternate your drinks with a tall glass of soda water.

  5. Keep talking. The more you talk the less you will drink.

  6. Plan your conversation starters ahead of time so you are not nervous about talking. Nervousness often makes one sip more.

  7. Instead of going for that next drink, reach for an appetizer.

  8. Limit yourself to two drinks at the party.

  9. Have a plan. Decide before you go who you will seek out to talk to: the boss, the boss’s wife or partner, the second boss, the second boss’s partner, the secretary, the custodian, the door man etc. This will make the evening fly by and you will not be so eager to hit the bar every 30 minutes.

  10. Make arrangements to get together for drinks with your friends later in the evening if you really want to relax while still making a good impression with those you work with.

Happy Holidays!

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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