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Office Party Etiquette with Video

  1. Show Up! The party planners work hard for the event so even if you are not into the office party scene, you should still make an appearance.

  2. Eat before you go. Grab a chocolate bar or a peanut butter sandwich before you leave for the event. Many parties do not serve food until some times two hours after the guests arrive. This leads to a great deal of problems when you try to combat the hunger by quickly downing a couple of cocktails. We all know how hard it is turn the clock back by then.

  3. Be sure to say hello to your boss(es) or senior partners and their spouses at the beginning of the evening. Get the important stuff out of the way, and then by the end of the party you are not trying to get into their circle when, by that time they are relaxing with their colleagues and spouses or perhaps have already left.

  4. Make the rounds around the entire room. Be sure to talk to everyone from the custodian to the CEO. This shows graciousness and will be noticed!

  5. Have your conversation starters ready. Have three or four topics of conversation that you feel comfortable talking with senior partner, your boss or the mail room clerk.

  6. Leave the reindeer nose at home. You should always be presenting yourself like you are applying for a promotion. So imagine standing in front of your boss in his office asking for a raise and the one thing he or she recall is your googly reindeer sweater with the flashing lights on it.

  7. Be prepared to execute effortless introductions. Your superiors may want to know that you can handle your self correctly in social settings and the Christmas party can be a bit of an audition.

  8. Listen! In an increasingly multicultural society, it is extremely important to recognize other people do not celebrate Christmas but rather how their own holiday celebration. it is safer to say “Happy holidays, have a wonderful time with your family during the season”. Say “Merry Christmas” if someone says the same to you!

  9. The office Christmas party is for everyone to share some cheer. So try not to get carried away just because everything is free. It may look like you are taking advantage of the occasion.

  10. Remember this is an office party with your co-workers and superiors. Everyone has to face each other on Monday morning.

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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