25 ‘Mad Men’ Dating Tips

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to some gentlemen from another era. I found it interesting how things have changed, and yet how they haven’t.


Enjoy these 25 Mad Men tips. And for all you ‘gentlemen’ out there, chivalry is not dead.

1. When on a date with a woman and when entering any restaurant you will come in
first. Why? It’s because the inside of the restaurant is unfamiliar territory and every
gentleman’s obligation is to protect his lady companion in all unpleasant situations
that may arrive.

2. When inside the restaurant, you will walk in front.

3. You will choose the table at which you will sit (of course if you have a reservation
then you cannot choose, your table is already chosen).

4. If you have no reservation and you have to choose a table, you will choose the
proper size of the table that suits you and your company. You will make a mental
note to always have a reservation.

5. If it is winter time and your lady is removing her coat, you and only you will help
her with her coat. The Maître D will help you with yours.

6. If your lady is wearing a hat, she is not obligated to take it down.

7. If you are wearing a hat or a cap, you will take it off as soon as you enter the

8. The waiter ormaître d’will escort you to the table and help the lady take her seat.
If this is the case, you will let the maître d’ help her. If there is no maître d’ you will
help the lady by stepping behind her to pull the chair out and then bringing it back
in as she is preparing to take a seat.

9. When placing yourself at the table you will facing the exit of the restaurant or/and
where you will be able to easily get the server’s attention when needed.

10. When choosing a meal, the woman will choose first. She will tell you what she
wants. You are then to explain her order to the waiter.

11. If she is not too hungry and chooses a simple meal you will also choose a similar
one, as you do not want her to sit and bore herself while you are eating your six
course meal.

12. You will take her linen napkin, and drape it across her lap.

13. You and only you are responsible for the wine. The wine list is yours, but you
should always ask the lady what wine she likes and what would she would like to
drink. If she prefers red wines and you prefer white wine, of course you will order
red wine.

14. It is your obligation to fill the woman’s glass if it is empty. In many restaurants the
waiter will do this but that does not mean that you have to wait for him to fill the
lady’s glass.

15. When communicating with the staff of the restaurant, be polite. No need to shout
and wave at them. Be discreet, with your gestures and speak in a manner that
only the server and your lady can hear you.

16. By no means will you flirt with waitresses or the hostesses. It is an insult to the
woman that’s with you.

17. If you have any complaints with the meal or with the service you will tell the waiter
to call the maître d’ and explain to him what your complaints are.


18. When the meals arrive, you will wait until your lady companion picks up her
utensils before you do. When on a business lunch you will let your boss start first.
At your friend’s house you will let the host start first.

19. While speaking you will not shout. No one at the table next to you has to know
what are you talking about, and they don’t care. The exception is when you are
laughing, but when you laugh you do not need to tear down the walls with the
sound of your laugh.

20. If your lady must leave the table, you will stand when she leaves and returns,
helping her with her chair upon her return.

21. If you plan to meet at a restaurant, you will arrive at least 15 minutes
early, especially if you are meeting a woman. It is rude to let a lady sit at the table by

22. If you extended the invitation, you will pay the bill. If she extended the invitation
you should offer to pay the bill and allow her to pay only if she insists on splitting
the bill.

23. While leaving the restaurant you will hold the door and let the woman exit first.

24. You will see her home or to a cab, and pay for her cab.

25. You will expect nothing but the hope she will go out with you again.



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