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The Five P’s of Speech


Speaking in a virtual meeting or virtual presentation requires more attention to how we sound than when we are speaking in person.

We are all familiar with inexperienced hosts who, when speaking into a microphone, can’t be understood because they have poor pronunciation, speak too fast, ramble, don’t take a breath, or have a squeaky voice or a low rumbling tone. These speakers often lose the interest of their audience.

When conducting yourself through a virtual meeting or presentation these same “Microphone Rules “ apply:

  • Project your voice -don’t be lazy, and use good posture

  • Pause- let people digest what you say, appear unrushed, allow time for people to ‘think’

  • Pitch- modulate your pitch so that you are not too high or too low

  • Pace- slow down the speed of your speech, you are the only one with a script, breathe

  • Pronounce- speaking clearly and succinctly is a sign of knowledge and confidence

Extra tip: Before you present a webinar or presentation have a dry-run with an honest friend.

Jeannie Vaage, Etiquette Consultant, VIP Protocol
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